The Rolled Standard

The Accursed Crossbow of Wemut the Survivor
A scarab-adorned mass of waste and filth.
Four new outcasts, inspired by the backstory of one of our characters, for Mörk Borg.
Inspired by the Wanted Poster scene of this week's episode, we give you this...
A gift, from Flail to the Face to you. Roll d12.
A mime follower for Mörk Borg, inspired by the antics of the episode.
Random tables for traveling from Bergen Chrypt to Schleswig.
A highly optional and potentially controversial alternate use for Omens in Mörk Borg
Skreech's selection of random relics from paths previous.
A couple of terrible items for Mörk Borg inspired by our shenanigans.
A skull that talks to you. At least you think it does.
Exactly as the name suggests, this is d20 random things behind closed doors, for Mörk Borg.
A class for Mörk Borg for when you want to be both a skeleton and a ghost.
Simple, optional rules for traveling from the Valley of the Unfortunate Undead to Bergen Chrypt in Mörk Borg.
A 2d8 table of things that can happen to you when you fall down, for Mörk Borg.
A follower for Mörk Borg inspired by Brian the Goblin from the third episode of Flail to the Face.
A follower for Mörk Borg inspired by the golden skeleton from the second episode of Flail to the Face.
A couple of items for Mörk Borg inspired by the shenanigans of the first episode of Flail to the Face.
Additional cards for Lichoma's Augury deck, inspired by our time with Lichoma.
Yet another Mörk Borg class from The Rolled Standard.
Another Mörk Borg Class from The Rolled Standard.
A detestable Omen-stealing class for Mörk Borg from The Rolled Standard.
An additional class for Mörk Borg
A cannibal in a crypt, a dungeon for Mörk Borg
A blackened Nativity brought to you by The Rolled Standard.

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